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showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.


Chanel Collette may have many roles, but the two she most proudly wears are the AUDACIOUS ATHLETE & the COACH.

She’s a competitive physique athlete; formerly Ms. Bikini Universe PRO, and now nationally qualified NPC Bikini Competitor. A certified strength & conditioning coaching, and fitness nutrition specialist. She’s no stranger to the industry of fitness and been involved in some sector since 2008. She’s watched the trends come and go, and the growth of social media take this industry by storm. Through it all she’s grown into being the unapologetic athlete who's abandoned trends and ultimately made her own business on her own terms. She’s set audacious goals for herself and inspires others to do the same through becoming stronger every day. She is sponsored by LEGION ATHLETICS and PARAGON FITWEAR

Chanel Cut


My career in the fitness realm started after completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs) in public relations at the Grady School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Following my passion for health and fitness promotion, I completed many of my final projects with that focus in mind. In 2008, I landed a marketing internship at a very reputable health and fitness center where I found my passion; helping gym members get involved, stay connected, and achieve their goals. After graduating, the fitness center hired me as the Membership Coordinator and eventually let me spearhead their very first nutrition program. Since then, I have trained hundreds of clients, both in person and online.


Initially, my involvement in the fitness industry was a bit clouded, and like many others at the time, I was vying for the coveted title of “Fitness Model”. I felt that to inspire women I first had to find myself amongst the pages of the most popular female fitness magazines. After countless photo shoots, and a touch of heart ache, I only graced the pages a fraction of the time I had hoped.

During this time of chasing an ambiguous title I lost sight of my true professional passion; Helping and educating others.

Chanel Collette Fitness Universe


My competition career began in March 2012 with my first ever bikini competition at the NPC Northern Kentucky where I placed 5th in my class. All it took was one competition and I was hooked. From there, I transitioned over to the Fitness Universe / Muscle Mania Federation. In June of 2014 I earned my PRO card in Miami as Ms. Bikini Universe.


I competed in 3 Bikini PRO shows with Fitness Universe and won the overall champion in Miami in 2016. That same year, I also set the audacious goal to compete as a Figure competitor in the same show. I managed to place 2nd in my class and was awarded Most Aesthetic.

After making a run at figure and winning the PRO show with Fitness Universe I made the difficult decision to return to the NPC that same season. In August 2016, I made my comeback to the NPC stage at the KY STATE OPEN where I placed second in my class.

2015 was the turning point in my career. A light bulb in my head went off when I started watching other fitness professionals on YouTube. I quickly realized this WOULD be the platform that would be less about my “look” and more about the quality of information I could disseminate to my audience. It gave me a creative outlet and a voice; something I felt I was desperately missing in my search to become a “fitness model.”

Since the inception of my YouTube channel, I have been able to communicate with people world-wide and take my online coaching business to a full-time role.

Sharing my knowledge, my credentials, and my continuous pursuit of learning in the field of nutrition science and strength & conditioning helps my audience to be able to digest my content and leave my channel having learned something new and connected with someone they can trust in the industry.

I’ve built my platform on encouraging all to:


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