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Audacious Athlete | Phase One Program

Audacious Athlete | Bundle One & Two

Audacious Athlete | Phase Two Program

  • 8 Weeks of Progressive Strength Programming

  • Perfected programming after the 8 week beta team feedback.

  • Private Instagram Workout Demos

  • 8 week/5 day Phase I Strength Training Program

  • Private Instagram Workout Demos

  • Complete training workbook to track your progress

  • Purchase the bundle and save on both Phase One and Two

  • 16 Weeks of Training

  • Private Instagram Workout Demos

  • Complete training workbook to track your progress

More Testimonials!

Love the training program! It's been fun to push my limits at different rep ranges and see how I can truly perform given a variety of rep range goals. I highly recommend this plan if you want to take yourself to the next level. Chanel doesn't hold back on pushing you past your self-imposed limits -- I hit several PRs during this block of training!

- Alyson Ankrom

Thanks to all the emphasis on not over training, I'm getting more results with these trainers that emphasize proper rest.

It's all planned, it's all on purpose and it's all powerful! 
Thank you for everything! Chanel's programs are the best and I couldn't imagine doing this any other way.

- Farrah Henson

This program has taught me a lot of new exercises and everything from the specific exercises to the rep ranges and splits gives noticeable results. I've been lifting for about 2-3 years and consider myself decently experienced, but this helped me go to the next level. This program really developed my shoulders and glutes, and helped me learn how to train legs more than once a week by focusing on quads vs hamstrings. I also had never done a full shoulder day before phase 1, and now I can't imagine leaving it out! 

- Megan Trott

At the end of it, this program helped me to be more confident in the gym, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I have found myself over the last few months not being as self-conscious about what I'm doing in the gym or if anyone is looking at me when I'm there alone - I do know what I'm doing! I know I gained strength (moved up to the 15 lbs for those arc raises!) and I felt like I learned a lot about my body and muscles and how different training (such as the load vs volume days) affect me. That is all worth every penny.

 - Jennifer Otwell

Thank you for putting together the Audacious Athlete Trainers and creating such a fun learning environment for us like minded women from all around the world. The structured workouts with flexible planning and modifications makes it so easy to custom tailor everything especially when I'm on the go travelling (as I frequently do) I love having these workouts at my disposal to use during my time away and still challenge myself progressively over time. Not to mention the amazing women I've met through the groups and on your audacious athlete private Instagram account. I've loved feeling a part of something so motivating! Can't wait to rock these workouts #strongernotsmaller

 - Kristen Hewitt

This past week, I have learned to press up in to a handstand. This has been my biggest challenge for YEARS. My shoulders always collapsed, my wrists gave out, and my legs just flipped everywhere. This training has helped me build up my strength not only within the four wall of a gym, but also on my mat.

- Leah Turner

Not sure where to begin listing all the amazing elements of this program! There is very clearly a tremendous amount of thought and effort going into the structure and design of this strength training program. I experienced tremendous gains in my overall strength through both Phase I and II of Chanel’s programs. Get ready for PR’s and serious, measurable progress! I learned so much about strength training and my own abilities throughout this training program. I knew very little about intensifiers (drop sets and working to failure) but now feel extremely confident in incorporating and executing them! Chanel is amazing and I can’t wait to see (and try!) what she comes up with next!!!

 - Gina Pietrone

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