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Audacious Athlete | PHASE FIVE

Audacious Athlete | PHASE FIVE


The 4-day training split is a foundation approach to progressive overload with comprehensive muscle separation across the entire training week.

The split contains:

- 2 Upper Body Days 

- 2 Lower Body Days

- 1 Functional training circuit day

*Some participants; (including myself) may take longer than 5-WEEKS to complete the program in its entirety. That okay too! I want to help you understand the pace that is perfect for YOU. It’s not a race or a challenge.


Public Release is live!
This program will give you a glimpse into how I design my training. That’s right, the BETA CREW and I have completed this program in its entirety. We've poured our sweat, and maybe some tears too, into perfecting this program to get the most out of YOU!
It was designed specifically for a 4-day training split with the optional functional training circuit day as the 5th day of programming in your training week. it's a training cycle split designed for all levels with access to a gym. The benefit to being a part of the BETA CREW is that I will train through this program WITH you and help you make the program work for you! Being a part of the community will give you direct link to asking questions, finding movement substitutions, and understanding how to progress properly through the program to see results from your efforts in the gym. 

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