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Brittany Lauzon

Who is 



showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.

Chanel is excited to welcome Brittany Lauzon to her coaching roster as her first, Assistant Coach. Britt is a 24 year old, Canadian Figure competitor, and powerhouse in the gym. She's been an extremely active individual throughout her life as a competitive dancer & cheerleader for 16 years, and is now investing her time and energy to make her return to the competitive bodybuilding stage as an NPC Figure Competitor in November of this year. She's been involved in the fitness professional world for six years as a formally CANFITPRO certified personal trainer and is now in progress with her US recognized ISSA Personal Training Certification.

During her time as an in-person trainer she discovered her passion for helping other individuals achieve their goals and sharing her knowledge on how they truly can achieve their most audacious goals within a maintainable lifestyle.


Fitness Beginnings

Brittany's career as an athlete began as a competitive dancer and cheerleader, however with these sports, came a lot of pressure to maintain a certain body image and because of this, I developed disordered eating habits early on. My family was very unstructured when it came to meal preparation and it would be a rare occasion if we all ate together so I was very ignorant and uneducated when it came to proper nutrition and fueling my body for my goals.

Discovering the “fitness lifestyle” is truly what saved my life and my competitive edge, in more ways than one. I reached a breaking point in my later teens where I knew things needed to look different for me as an athlete. I remained confident in my problem solving abilities and knew I could conquer my goals and re-gain my self-confidence thorough my physical abilities. I joined a local gym, was taught basic resistance training exercises and workout routines. I would go home each night and research nutrition advice off of until I fell asleep with my laptop on my chest. I continued this pattern every single day for almost 2 years until I then hired a coach and decided I wanted to prep for my first bodybuilding competition.

Career Certifications

After competing in two bodybuilding competitions , I decided I wanted to further pursue a career within the fitness realm and obtained my CANFITPRO certification. It was during my time as an in-person trainer that I discovered my passion for helping other individuals achieve their goals and sharing my knowledge on how together we can make this an enjoyable and maintainable lifestyle. I have been involved in the health and fitness industry for 6 years now, am currently in the process of obtaining my ISSA certification & couldn’t be more excited about what the future is going to bring as an online coach.



I’ve competed in 2 bodybuilding shows — both in the figure division, where I placed 2nd and 6th. I’ve taken the last 4 years off from the stage to not only allow myself the necessary time needed to add tissue onto my structure and build a competitive physique but to also expand my knowledge and take the time to really learn about the human body and how it functions from both my own personal research and from many highly ranked educators within the industry.



From the beginning, I always admired athletes such as Dana Linn Bailey and Nicole Wilkins for their more muscular builds, yet their ability to maintain extremely feminine personas. I've spend the past four years off the bodybuilding stage committed to producing the muscle tissue necessary and I couldn't be more excited to see my hard work pay off and help others to understand what it's like to commit to themselves and achieve their most audacious goals.

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